Scenic Valley – A1

Project Description

Your home will be warm and full of personality with the bright colors of the Moroccan style. Every beauty of Moroccan homes are a mixture of many cultural layers – Moorish, Arabic, Berber …
For a long time, Arab culture as well as home décor is Moroccan inspiration for designers and creative discoveries. That is why so many countries around the world, including Vietnam to create a home decor trend style of this North African kingdom.

To your house actually featuring Moroccan style, color is a key element made famous for the beauty of this style. The walls are usually painted light brown, a mixture of red and green or yellow or orange paint detailed pattern on wall tiles.

Project Details

  • Client: Phu My Hung
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development
  • Website:

Basically, home decorating in this style requires the use of carpets, lamps, handmade rustic materials, door frames and walls painted in bright colors and add the couch or large chair. However, with the current trend may be replaced with larger sofas armchairs. Besides, in each often use ceramics, textile products, embroidery and decorating lanterns for the house warmer. Most of the lamps and lanterns in Morocco are designed products are handmade and have helped calm light.
In the Moroccan style, the living room is usually the most attention because it is not time for people here to show hospitality and where to promote the unique culture of them. With living room, furniture is usually leather and decorated with warm colors and full of life. On the front row are usually square pillows decorated with motifs typical Arab region as adding beauty to the room cool. Abstinence features have complained of confusion, replace the 1 couple characterized by dark colors more bright colors create one dynamic space fresh and refreshed and well-suited to the climate characteristics Vietnam South.