Scenic Valley – A4

Project Description

Eco Style (roughly translated as tends ecology) calls a lifestyle show high sense of responsibility to the environment and to protect the global ecosystem. Applications in the field of furniture, one of the characteristics of Eco style is to use materials of natural origin or the materials can be recycled, re-used; production processes use energy efficiency and limit adverse impacts on the environment; sustainable design, capable of re-use. Besides the values and principles related to ecology and environment, when brought into interior spaces tend Eco House, the designers also incorporated into this beauty of nature and of skilled artisans to public space become close, comfortable, friendly and in harmony with nature.

Use blue decorative accent in the living space design trends modern, cream colored wallpaper brings warm, fresh, natural and modern. Creating green spirit, healthy catharsis for users.
Moreover, the tone color combination that you consider appropriate will bring new insight into their own space.
There’s nothing more wonderful if you choose furniture made of natural wood or artificial wood to make a small highlight in the corner of the wall.
The idea of interior design for the house Eco House to use the space feel cleaner, safer and more comfortably.

Project Details

  • Client: Phu My Hung
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development
  • Website: